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Our Cattery

We're physically located in Maryland and South Carolina. Our kittens travel with us to and from both locations numerous times to ensure that they're on their best behavior when they get to you. They have free rein in both homes. There are hardwood floors, carpets, and tiles. They climb stairs and couches.

Who's Responsible For Their Temperament

A lot of work goes into raising such smart, well-behaved kittens. So it's imperative that we mention our Junior Partners.

First, we have Tio (Uncle) Zeus. He's an adorable chocolate lab who has been matriarch, Athena's shadow since they were introduced back in July 2018. These two are inseparable when they're together. Tio even takes care of the kittens when momma isn't around.

Tio Zeus isn't the only uncle these little guys (and gals) have. There are four other uncles, Tony, Anthony, Sean, and Damiano, and aunts, Angely and Isabelle. There are enough people in our home to spare a lap for each kitten we have.

Grandma does all the boring stuff while grandpa keeps the kittens busy. That's because he's the best jungle gym in a 500-mile radius.

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