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A Bit of Background

So how did two people who've never had any pets become Bengal breeders? That's a funny story. One that I'm about to tell you so get comfortable and in the words of Fire Marshall Bill, "LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING"!

When you're an awesome spouse like I am, you look for ways to make your significant other happy. When your spouse is a service member who suffers from PTSD, you look for ways to be there for them when you can't be.


I started secretly looking for dogs at nearby shelters that could be trained as emotional support or service dog. However, the adoption process was long and extensive. It also wouldn't be a surprise because they needed to send someone over to "inspect" our home to ensure it was "pet-friendly". After growing frustrated with the lengthy process, I told him what my intentions were and his eyes lit up. He started looking online and quickly became as frustrated as I was. 

One day, he comes up to me, smiling like a little kid, and shows me the most beautiful kitten I think I've ever seen. Wait! Did I say kitten? YES! How did my quest for a service DOG turn into a service KITTEN? Now, this wasn't just a tabby. Oh no! In true diva fashion, the love of my life managed to find an exotic kitten right in our [figurative] backyard. It was a Bengal. *insert heart emoji*

We contacted many breeders with questions, but that experience was lackluster. That is until we spoke with Monique at Lap Leopard Bengal. If you want to have a two-hour conversation about kitten genetics, this is who you call! She was amazing! She answered all of our questions and even questions we didn't know we had. We'd initially signed up to get a beautiful brown girl, but when she called us to offer us this absolutely gorgeous Snow Lynx, we just couldn't say "no".

In June 2018, Athena became our first pet. She was curious, independent, and well-mannered. She brought a kind of happiness to us that we didn't even know we needed. After many long, informative conversations with Monique, she decided to take us under her wing as breeders and an amazing partnership began.

Becoming a breeder is the pet equivalent of getting tattoos; after you get one, you don't want to stop. That's why in March 2021, we decided to keep Athena's legacy going by keeping one of her babies, Pandora was our "gift". We hope to continue breeding for many more years to come while preserving the integrity of the breed.

Contact us to discuss how we can fill your life with as much love and happiness as we've found.

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