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How We Grew Into a Network

Athena's Den is a part of a unique network of breeders along the East Coast. We learned and grew with the help of our mentor, Monique from Lap Leopard Bengals. Three years later, we expanded our network by adding four more breeders who take pride in the breed and operate under the same ethics and standards.

How We Work

Momma Bengal over at Lap Leopard Bengals has "dibs" on our kittens. They can find kittens from Athena's Den homes quicker because she has a public waitlist. However, after we've helped LLB out, we find homes for any remaining kittens. I'll be honest though that doesn't happen often. We also list kittens from our other breeders too!

If you're interested in a kitten listed on this site, the button in the kitten's section will either redirect you to the LLB website or send you to our "Ready for a Kitten?" page where you can read our contract carefully, fill out your personal information, and send a deposit when you're ready. Obviously, you can contact us with any questions or concerns before the deposit is sent securely via PayPal.

Who Are The Partners?

Well, if you don't know by now, our first partner is Lap Leopard Bengals located in Kingsland, GA.

This is the cattery that introduced us to bengals, taught us what we know, and continues to revolutionize the bengal game! Here, you can find any bengal you want!

Our next partner is Christian, who specializes in Striking Silver bengals. He's been curious about the breed for over three years and finally gave in. A self-proclaimed "dog guy", he was mesmerized by these exotic felines ability to act like dogs.

Of course, we're not done growing our network just yet, so keep an eye out for more breeders who love bengals as much as we do!

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