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Our Statistics

The best thing that can happen when a Data Analyst starts breeding Bengals is awesome graphics!

What data points would you like to see?

What do so many pretty colors tell us?

1. We're producing female kittens at twice the pace of male kittens.

2. Smallest litter Athena has had is the Patriot Litter, which only had two (2) kittens.


3. Our girl, Athena, is pretty notorious for having big litters; four 6-kitten litters, two 5-kitten litters, and a 4-kitten litter.


4. More than half of the kittens produced are pure, bright, white lynx kittens.


5. We produce mostly lynx and charcoal lynx kitten litters at our cattery.


6. Our kittens are congregating in California, Georgia, and Connecticut... mostly.

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